Our interventions has its origin in the trust link

our values

One of the main values ​​that drive our actions is trust.

In the context of professional home health care and services, the bond of trust is important because the healthcare professional becomes the significant person to help you achieve physical and psychological wellbeing. Above all, you must feel comfortable and confident with all our professionals who will visit you in your private space to help you by offering you care that meets your needs.

Our professionals will work with you and your loved ones to develop personalized care plans tailored to your specific needs while building trust. To establish this bond of trust, our professionals use their knowledge in the relational domain and their professional skills; their work experience strengthens and enhances this bond of trust.

For us, of course, other values ​​(respect, compassion, solidarity, empathy, confidentiality) are important and necessary for the development of a bond of trust between the patient and the healthcare provider.