Breathing is life.
Breathe is to live well

SPCV‘s respiratory therapist intervenes and gives instruction on various techniques used to care for people who suffer from pulmonary diseases (COPD, chronic bronchitis, chronic respiratory insufficiency …). She uses teaching approaches or techniques such as controlled coughing, spirometry, etc. Respiratory therapy services are for all family members, adults or children.

Important : The Company’s Home Respiratory Services are offered in non-emergent context of lung conditions.


  • Provide advice on home-based pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Teach and demonstrate using respiratory devices appropriate for your condition
  • Give advice on activities of daily living and domestic activities, taking into account your lung vital capacity to improve your quality of life
  • Give advice on possible changes in your lung condition during a new sport, travel, and changes of activities daily living and domestic activities
  • Provide education and advice about medications.


  • Assess the respiratory condition: Auscultation and oxygen saturation
  • Evaluate the devices used, such as the CPaP.


  • Home pulmonary rehabilitation : This service helps maintain lung vital capacity by increasing exercise tolerance to reduce breathing difficulty and shortness of breath, all of which will improve your quality of life and decrease the number of hospitalizations that can lead to deconditioning; the latter can lead to a sudden admission to an intermediate residence or CHSLD.
  • Home pulmonary physiotherapy : After hospitalization for pulmonary problems, lung surgery, chronic lung disease (pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis) or lung cancer, the patient will need physiotherapy, performed by the respiratory therapists in collaboration with the physiotherapist of SPCV.


  • Monitor and manage CPaP for sleep apnea
  • Perform basic breathing test, called spirometry
  • According to your doctor’s order, choose with you, the breathing treatment necessary and adequate to your lung condition
  • Create a personalized intervention plan for your lung condition (COPD, chronic bronchitis, chronic respiratory insufficiency …)
  • Home medication administration. The Respiratory Therapist and SPCV nurses work in together for our clients in the comfort of their home.